Anchor Beaded Buddha Bracelets For Men Women Buddha Lava Chakra Bracelet

Anchor Beaded Buddha Bracelets For Men Women Buddha Lava Chakra Bracelet

Our Bracelets are made for healing and bring less stress to our lives.

As each bracelet comes with a charm that will help you in each category in your life. 

Description Of Bracelets:


Black Bracelet: Boost self-control, improve health and protection & helps you to relax and sleep.


White Bracelet: Enhance memory capacity, Increase desire to learn & help with frustration and anger control.


Forest Green Jade Bracelet: Emotion stability, triggers great ideas & attracts good fortune and great friendships.


Green Aventurine Beads: It encourages healing and brings a feeling of comfort, eases decision making & promotes empathy, compassion & prosperity, and perseverance.


Green Moss  Agate; Brings new beginnings, attracts abundance and wealth & improves your self-esteem.


Tiger Eye Bracelet : Promotes confidence, helps you stayed grounded & offers inspiration to achieve life goals.


Goldstone Gemstone Bracelet: Brings positive Energy, increases your ambitions & It also reduces tension in challenging situations .


Rose Bracelets: Attracts romance and stronger relationships & protects against negative influences  
The bracelets are 8mm black with lava stones, adjustable design. These bracelets give you different choices and feelings. 

Applicable: yoga bead bracelet, meditation bracelet, healing bracelet.

Add any charm for $5 to your bracelet. GET 10% OFF DISCOUNT!!!! 



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