Papi's Crafts Hand Craft Candles/ Balance/ Calmness/ Inspiration/Natural

Papi's Crafts Hand Craft Candles/ Balance/ Calmness/ Inspiration/Natural

Try out new  our organic homemade candles that made from soy wax with multiple shades and different aromas that can bring calmness to your own comfortable environment such as, home, offices & outdoors. 

Each candle will bring you earthy & cedar aroma that make you create a peaceful, calmness and balance environment for each part of your life.


Red- Grapefruit: Aroma of a slight orange and citrus. Helps balance your mood and sooth your anxiety.

Orange- Orange: Aroma of fresh citrus. Helps balance your anxiety and depression.

Yellow- Lemon: Aroma of clean, fresh citrus. Helps fight exhaustion and helps with depression.

Green- Tea Tree: Aroma peppermint and eucalyptus. Helps with energizing and sharpening your mental focus.

Lights Blue: Cinnamon: Aroma of sweet and spicy. Helps relaxation, anxiety, and better sleep.

Dark Blue- Rosemary: Aroma of woody evergreen. Helps with mental focus, memory and stress. 

Purple Lavender: Aroma of earthly floral. Helps promote calmness, wellness and reduces stress and anxiety.


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